Big Texas Throwdown

Updated: September 28, 2014

Boxing Legend Mike Tyson made his promotional debut in Texas on Friday with Big Texas Throwdown.  The match was a collaboration between the increasingly-exciting Mario Davila Media, Big Card Promotions and Iron Mike Productions.   The always-interesting Tyson was in attendance and brought excitement outside of the ring with his flashy entrance and ringside presence.  Some other highlights outside of the ring included appearances by NFL legend Deion Sanders and the re-emerging, three time world champion, Adrien Broner.


There was no shortage of excitement inside of the ring either.  Fight fans got their money’s worth  as the promotion collaboration delivered on their promise of quality boxing.

Most notably, a new super-bantamweight champion was crowned when The Dominican Republic’s Juan Carlos Payano (16-0, 8KO) met Panama’s Anselmo Moreno (35-3-1, 12KO) in the ring.   They battled for the belt before the action was stopped at the conclusion of the sixth round.  Doctors determined Payno could not continue due to a gash over his right eye.   Payano suffered the gash from an accidental head-butt in the second round.  The wound did not keep the tenacious Payano from impressing the judges who awarded him a unanimous decision.

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The co-main event, Dallas native and crowd-favorite Charles Hatley (24-1-1, 16KO)  electrified the crowd with his bout against Richard Gutierrez (24-14-1, (17KO).  Disaster for Hatley came by way of a big overhand by Gutierrez in the third round.  A visibly hurt Hatley not only survived, but returned the fury.  The third round would end with Gutierrez struggling to stay on his feet.  Hatley dominated the remainder of the fight and won by unanimous decision.

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The other local, and crowd favorite, Roberto Marroquin (24-3-1, 17KO), also enjoyed victory, defeating Miguel Soto (12-4, 12KO).  Marroquin dominated Miguel Soto:  Marroquin dazed Soto in the first, hunted him in the second, and scored two knockdowns in the third.  Soto survived the third round, but did not come out for the fourth, giving Marroquin a TKO victory.

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Moises Flores (21-0, 15KO) defeated Pablo Batres (7-11-1, 2KO).  Despite his efforts, Batres could not get past Flores’ jab.  Flores controlled the bout and got the unanimous decision, improving on his undefeated record.

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Raphael Murphy (10-0, 7KO) stunned the crowd with the shortest fight of the night.  Murphy began the bout against Gary Tapousa (5-2-1, 4KO) with a viscous assault.  It would be less than a minute and a half into the bout before the referee declared technical-knockout against a defenseless Tapousa.   The impressive showing was an impressive addition to the Murphy legacy, and to that of his promotion team—the emerging Mario Davila Media.


A no-contest was declared in the match between  De Anthony Bonner (7-1, 2KO) and Evan James Woolsey (2-4).  Bonner and Woolsley would battle for almost four rounds, with Bonner maintaining a slight edge, before the match was stopped due to a gash over Woolsley’s eye.  Under Texas rules, the no-contest ruling will not affect either fighters’ win/loss record.

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Journeyman Earl Ladson (15-25-1, 7KO) was defeated by John Wesley Nofire (15-0, 11KO). The younger and faster Nofire controlled the action and dominated the bout.  Despite of this, victory was not easy for Nofire, and he was not able to improve on his impressive knockout percentage.  Nofire struggled to land big power-shots against the slippery veteran of 40 professional fights.  Ultimately, Nofire improved his undefeated record by way of unanimous decision.

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The opening bout primed the crowd for a night of great boxing.   Alberto Fundora (2-0) and Andrew Sosa (0-3) met in the ring for what would turn out to be a boxing lesson.  It was close quarters combat with Fundora landing a seemingly endless supply of clean, two and three punch combos against the scrappy Sosa.  Fundora improved his undefeated record with a unanimous decision at the end of the four round match.

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