Fuentes to Defend Home Turf on Saturday

Updated: April 10, 2015

Top Rank Promotions in conjunction with Nord Boxing Promotions will have the Laredo Energy Arena rocking Saturday night with “Solo Boxeo Tecate”, UniMas’ popular boxing series. Jesse Magdaleno (20-0, 15 KO’s) and Oscar Valdez (14-0, 13 KO’s) are the stellar attractions of the evening and their respective bouts will be televised nationally. Yet for a female boxer fighting on the undercard portion the evening will be a special one as she looks to impress family and fans. South Texas Contender had a chance to catch up with Laredo’s own Christina Fuentes (3-7-5) before she faces Mayela “La Cobrita” Perez (11-17-4, 7 KO’s) in a 6-round flyweight bout.

JC: How do you feel going into Saturday night’s matchup against Perez, an opponent with over twice as much experience as you do?

CF: I feel pretty much prepared like any other fighter. I do what I have to do, everything to get prepared for a fight. Matches don’t matter. As long as I know what I need to do up in the ring, that is what matters. I feel very proud and very excited to be a part of this card because I know for a fact Top Rank doesn’t work with females. But that night I’m going to make them change their minds about it. I’m going to give them a show that I always promise to my fans and to those people that pay to go see fighters fight. So it is going to be an exciting fight.

JC: What do you know about Mayela Perez and what are you expecting come Saturday night?

CF: Well, the little that I studied from her is that she’s very tough. She goes forward a lot. When you step up into the ring you have to do what you have to do. That doesn’t scare me or surprise me. We are like any other fighter. We like to fight people to excite them. This coming Saturday, this is going to be not just one of the best female fights, but one of the best fights of the night. I can promise you that.

JC: For fans who are not familiar with you, what can they expect from Christina Fuentes? What type of fighter are you?

CF: My style is old school. My trainer doesn’t just train me, but he trains me old school. Nothing of this new school. Exciting. I exchange a lot of punches. But at the same time I use my intelligence and I box a lot. It’s going to be a pretty intense fight because the way she fights and the way I fight is just going to make people stand up and not be in their seats.

JC: How did you end up in the sport of boxing? Growing up did you ever see yourself fighting professionally?

CF: I’ve always seen myself fighting because I’ve always done it in the streets. Street fighting. I never thought I was going to take this sport seriously until my grandfather took me, may he rest in peace. Because of him I am where I am at in boxing because he pushed me and was the only one there for me throughout my career, amateur and professionaly, until the night before a fight when he passed away. I’m guessing that was a test from God asking me if this is what I really want. And that night when he passed away I had a choice to turn down the fight or to keep going. I took the fight because he wanted me to win that fight. And I came out with the win. Because of him I am at where I am at today. And because of my boxing family and my fans.

JC: What is your game plan come Saturday night against Mayela Perez?

CF: Fighters pretty much predict knock outs. But as you can see on my record I’m not a knockout fighter. But I just promise what I promise everybody, especially my trainer. I promise to give the people a great show. I have a lot of respect for Mayela as she does for me. And it’s just about business up there. We’re going to be up there to give a great show. I’m sure that women can fight, too.

JC: You have fought on a number of occasions for championship belts at super flyweight and bantamweight and have even fought as high as super bantamweight. Do you feel more comfortable at flyweight (112 lbs)?

CF: Honestly, I do feel strong at flyweight but I feel a whole lot stronger at super flyweight. I take fights for the opportunity. I even fought Heather Hardy in New York at 123 lbs. I have all heart for this sport. I just chase what’s given to me.

JC: Up to date what has been the most memorable or toughest fight of you professional career?

CF: Honestly, I think it has been against Heather Hardy because I had to take three weight classes just to take the fight. The weight, and I had to travel to New York. I had nobody there. It was just my trainer, his wife, and another cornerman. It put me to the test. If I can go up three weight classes for a fight, I can accomplish anything. That fight was a win, but of course I was in her backyard so she had to take the win. And that’s how it’s been. That’s why my record is the way it is. Because of the same reason. I have to beat my opponents but also win the judges and they haven’t been quite fair with me in the past.

JC: What are your long term goals? What are your thoughts of females in boxing?

CF: In boxing, I’m aware that us female fighters give a better show. We put a lot of determination. For Saturday night I’m here to show people from Top Rank that women can fight, too. I know it has been pretty discriminative and sexist that females can’t fight on these top promotions. But I’m going to show them that we can do it, too.

Christina Fuentes vs. Mayela Perez is scheduled for 6-rounds or less in the flyweight division Saturday night at the Laredo Energy Arena.

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