Updated: May 5, 2015

n January, Hay ward Charles became the new HERO FC Middleweight Champion when he submitted Brandon Farran in their fight at the Jacob Brown Auditorium in Brownsville, Tx. In June, Charles will defend his title for the first to Houston’s Edgar Verdin at “HERO FC Best of the Best V.”

Q: What does it mean for you to win the first title in your MMA career?

A: The biggest step of being a Champion is defending your belt. So for me, fighting Edgar is going to be the first step in upholding it. It means the world to me. When I do something I want to be the best at it. When you are the Champion you are saying that you are the best in that organization. Until someone takes that belt from me, I’m going to be considered the best for JC Fight Promotions in that weight division.

Q: How has MMA saved you from negative influences?

A: It keeps me healthy. Your health is your wealth. I work out all the time. The symbol of Martial Arts is the Ying and Yang, you have black and white and our lives are like that. You have to find the balance. It keeps me humble. It’s a growing art. We as humans have to expand for the best. MMA has definitely saved my life.

Q: Who would say that your hero is and who would say that you are a hero to?

A: A hero to me is anyone seeking the true fullest potential of themselves. A person who doesn’t live with dogma and who uses their own will to overcome obstacles of this multi verse. I feel I am a hero to anyone who believes a hero is what I think one is!