Hero FC Best of the Best III

Updated: September 14, 2014

For the growing population of MMA fans here in the Rio Grande Valley last night Hero FC Best of the Best III delivered a memorable evening of MMA action. Hard hitting knock outs, slick submissions, brutal beat downs and some fighters dream come true performances left loyal MMA fans totally satisfied and eager for the next Hero FC event to grace the RGV.

First round of the night started with weight class 125 lbs. Ricardo Rojas (1-0) verses pro debut fighter Michael Saucedo. These fighters putt on a display of aggressive striking early in the round with Rojas getting a takedown midway through but not able to capitalize on it. Saucedo recovered nicely with a sweep to reverse positions and went on to control the pace and rhythm of the fight. Creating on opportunity to take Rojas back early in the 3rd round Saucedo made quick work with a classic rear naked choke to finish Rojas for the submission win.

The next two fights were over almost as fast as the bell sounding, each ending in less than a minute. David Salazar came out landing a hard hitting leg kick immediately on Chris Kuntschick only to be answered by a smooth takedown nicely executed by Kuntschick. After an exciting scramble Kuntschick was able to catch Salazar for the submission win by arm bar in just under a minute. In the next match fighters went to the ground quick where Michael Ortiz finished Clement Menguito within 30 seconds of the 1st round with a very trick triangle to arm bar transition to claim an impressive victory.

After two very fast submission endings the 4th fight of the night proved to be one of the nights’ most exciting display of striking power. Jacob Gomez shot off the cage wall moving forward with a fury of heavy punches and good hard hitting leg kicks. However, you would never guess Guillermo Gonzalez was making his pro MMA debut last night as he weathered the storm and puts on an amazing performance every fan will remember. He displayed awesome timing with counter strikes and tremendous weight behind his hands. Late in the 1st round Gonzalez catches Gomez with a game changing knee to the face hurting Gomez followed by more heavy hands dropping Gomez to the canvas for the TKO victory.

Now for the drama of the night! Raymond Banda puts on another dominating 3 round performance against a very game and experienced Jorge Cortez. In the first round Cortez quickly closed the gap clinching with Banda and forcing him against the cage which played right into Banda’s game where for the next 2 rounds Banda reversed positions controlling Cortez with continuous hard hits and a barrage of knees to the legs and body of Cortez. Banda gets a strong double leg take down midway through the 3rd round and finished the round with an aggressive ground and pound attack to secure the win. Now for the drama! After a 3 round dominating performance Banda gets the victory by a SHOCKING split decision. Cortez fought hard and showed heart but Banda clearly won every round. One is left to wonder what the hell was one judge smoking?!? Unfortunately “the proof is in the pudding” and there is evidence here that MMA judges still have a lot of evolving to do.

The 6th fight of the night Alex Hernandez out of team Ohana in San Antonio goes home the victor against Martin Walker. Hernandez’s plan was to showcase his striking prowess but could not pass up a takedown opportunity successfully executed early in the 1st round. Instead Hernandez showcased some ruthless ground n pound and wrestling skills advancing to side control to knee on the belly where Hernandez finished Walker for the TKO victory.

NOW! For the co-main event of the evening! Ryan Spann’s Championship Title defense against the experienced veteran Brandon Farran was heavily anticipated to be a war. As the bell rung Spann comes out quickly establishing his long range with a quick stiff jab. However, Farran did not waste anytime feeling his opponent out. Farran answers back instantly, exploding forward, closing the gap, slipping the jab and following up with a brutal over hand right dropping Spann to the canvas. The seasoned Farran maintained composer pouncing on Spann with a hurricane of strikes and positional control for the TKO Championship victory in less than 30 seconds of the 1st round. Special congratulations from South Texas Contender to the new 185 Hero FC Champion Brandon Farran.

The main event was another Championship Title defense featuring Hero FC Champion Jammal Emmers and challenger Michael Rodriguez. After a very quick striking exchange from both fighters Emmers closed the gap securing double underhooks and body control. In the blink of an eye Emmers captures his opponents center mass uplifting Rodriquez high into the air for a magnificent, devastating body slam knocking Rodriguez unconscious and down on the canvas for some time. Congratulations to Jammal Emmers for another amazing Championship Title defense. Our prayers and thoughts go out to Michael Rodriguez for a speedy recovery.

There is no doubt Hero FC Best of the Best is creating a bright and promising future for MMA here in South Texas, especially here in the RGV. With a growing MMA fan base and an ever increasing pool of young hungry south Texas fighters we are all eager with anticipation for the next Hero FC event.