Updated: April 13, 2015

HERO FC Featherweight Champion, Rey Trujillo is preparing for his upcoming fight against Dimitre Ivy at “HERO FC Best of the Best V,” in Brownsville at the Jacob Brown Auditorium on June 6th. I spoke with him about his take on what JC Fight Promotions is doing with their fighting contracts and how important MMA has played a role in his life.

Q: What is your take on what JC Fight Promotions is doing with the $50,000 fighting contracts?

A: I think it is awesome. It is truly a blessing. It is inspiring and I hope one day I can help fighters like that. I have struggled for so long to try and make this work and by putting in so much work I have acquired so much debt. This contract and this opportunity make it all worth it. It feels like God rewarded me. It makes me wonder, what’s up with Jeff? He might just work for God. That’s what I want to do. My whole purpose of being wants to do God’s work. Jeff must have an inside track with the Big Fellow, Jehovah; and they’re in cahoots making it happen. It really feels like it is coming from above. The name JC Fight Promotions speaks for itself. The image they have and the standards they uphold, it can’t be touched by other organizations.

Q: Do you think some fighters are skeptical about what the promotion is doing and are in disbelief of the contracts?

A: Yes, because it sounds too good to be true. There is no one out there doing this. You can’t even compare this to the UFC. There are a lot of fighters under contract that are not making $50,000 a year. I heard about this because I know Brandon Farran and he had the contract. Never in a million years did I think it would be me. Then sure enough, I got Vinny calling me for a fight and I was like, thank you God. It sounds too good to be true, but HERO FC has made me a believer and JC Fight Promotions is upholding the contracts. It’s just not about the contracts they are upholding the standards all the way around. They really value the fighter and it is amazing.

Q: How has MMA saved you from negative influences?

A: Oh man, I was a rascal. It has saved me a lot. I wouldn’t be who I am today if it wasn’t for MMA. Not just in my career, but who I am as a man in my values and my whole outlook on life. Mix Martial Arts has saved my life. I have been to prison. I did two years flat. I was always fighting and always testing myself.  If it wasn’t for MMA, there is no telling where I would be. I’m sure I would be alive and doing alright, but I wouldn’t be the man I am today and that is a big thing to me.