Updated: September 16, 2013

Martin Walker picture courtesy of Mattew Block.

Ray Rodriguez and Martin Walker are coming into their next fight at “Texas Pride” in Beaumont on September 28th with a couple of things in common.

They both have well-rounded styles and they both are coming off of losses. The main difference is that Rodriguez has had more professional fights than Walker. “I have been around and I have fought a lot of tough guys,” said Ray Rodriguez. “This will be my fifth fight this year so it has helped me to stay consistent.”

Having more fights might make a difference but Walker doesn’t seem too concerned.  “He has fought some tough guys and he can bring it,” said Martin Walker. “But I am going to bring it too.”

With the way they are talking it sound as if the fans are in for getting their monies worth with this fight. “I’m going to go and do what I do and put my fist on his chin and defend the takedowns,” said Rodriguez.

Martin knows what it will take to win the fight. “Not making any mistakes,” said Walker. “He may have an extensive pro record but I have an extensive amateur record. I will be ready.”

Rodriguez has already fought on two cards for JC Productions as they are searching for the fighters who will win the $50,000 fighting contracts. He has one loss against him so he knows what he has to do in this next fight. “I got to win impressively to still be considered for the contract,” said Rodriguez.

Martin might be coming into the hunt a little late but he does like what JC Productions is doing. “It’s a lot like a tournament,” said Walker. “It makes me want to train hard and fight harder.”

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