Updated: May 5, 2015

When it comes to fighting, Alamo’s Michael Saucedo has heart and if you’ve seen him fight inside the cage, then you would know. The 27 year old will be taking on Nick Bella of Los Fresnos on June 6th, at “HERO FC Best of the Best V” when JC Fight Promotions brings MMA action to the Jacob Brown Auditorium. Saucedo last fought in January and he lost by TKO in the 2nd round to Corpus Christi’s Cesar Del Angel. “I felt like it got stopped early,” said Michael Saucedo. “I just have to shake it off and go to the next one.”

Saucedo learned a valuable lesson at the weigh-ins when Del Angel came in several pounds over, due to an illness. With Saucedo inexperience in handling such situations, he didn’t say anything and accepted things as they were. “I fought him anyway and I didn’t call my trainer because I didn’t know I had an option,” said Saucedo. “I learned a lot form this experience.”

Now, he will face Bella, an opponent he was supposed to fight last June. The fight didn’t take place because Bella was having weight issues as well. It wasn’t that Bella was overweight, but he came in way under. “I have concerns that he won’t make weight this time either,” said Saucedo. “I would like to work something in the contract this time knowing he didn’t make weight the last time.”

Bella and Saucedo were training at the Green Ghost Hero Academy about the same time last year, so the two are very familiar with each other. Plus, back in February Saucedo had the chance to see Bella make his professional debut. “He likes to use flashy moves and he faints a lot,” said Saucedo. “I feel that my stand up is better and so is my ground game. I am a lot stronger than he is.”

Since his last fight, Saucedo truly believes he is a different fighter. He has never stopped training and the work he has been putting in the gym has been paying off. “I am keeping my hands up a lot more. My cardio is getting better and I working on my strength and conditioning,” said Saucedo. “Since my last opponent was so heavy, I feel that I am more conditioned for that.”

Saucedo and Bella share one thing in common, they both have fought Ricardo Rojas in their professional debut and they both scored a win over him. “I finished Ricardo, Nick didn’t finish him,” said Saucedo. “They were fighting, but they were just slapping and holding on to each other.” When it comes to the fight in June, Saucedo believes the fight he and Bella will have will be different than Bella’s last outing. “Fans can expect me to be chest to chest with Nick,” said Saucedo. “I am going to be in his face and I am going to finish him.”

On Saturday June 6th, Michael Saucedo will fight Nick Bella at the Jacob Brown Auditorium located at 600 International Blvd. in Brownsville, Tx. 78520. Tickets are $27 presale and can be purchased at the door for $30.VIP seating is $75. For ticket information call 210-912-0041

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