Updated: February 27, 2017
trujillo vs murphy

Who doesn’t like a good pair? Everybody knows that beer and pizza, chips and salsa, milk and cookies are items that have joined each other for years with very little complaints from those who have enjoyed their partnerships. The same thing happened Saturday night in Pharr, Texas at the Golazo Indoor Soccer Field when Texas Rage Promotion and Fighting Academy brought boxing and MMA action to “Extreme Fight Night II.”

If nobody warned Raphael Murphy about Hugo Trujillo, maybe they should have. The previously undefeated fighter from Harlingen suffered his first professional loss at the hands of the Mexican fighter they call the Viking in the 5th round by TKO in the main event of the evening. “I know what they say his record is in America, but I did my studies and he is 18 and 0 in Mexico,” said Raphael Murphy. “We still took the fight. I don’t run from nobody.”

Trujillo stood with Murphy and gave everything he had to insure that he would be remembered by the Murphy Boxing Team. Trujillo dropped Murphy in the 2nd round, but he was able to quickly get up to receive a standing eight count.  The fight continued for a few short moments until the bell rand ending the round in which Murphy walked to his corner on wobbly knees. “I felt confident in my preparation for this fight,” said Hugo Trujillo. “My plan was to come in here and give my best for the people who paid to see us fight.”

By the 3rd round Murphy knew he was in trouble and did everything he could to defend himself, but Trujillo’s dominating attack never stopped.  When the 4th round came around the fans were out of their seats to insure that they wouldn’t miss a single blow. Both men traded punches and signs of exhaustion were apparent from each man as they exerted themselves past their physical limits. Neither fighter waivered in their fighting and they both swung with a fury at each other until the bell rang to conclude four rounds of this exciting battle. “He was a strong guy, he is a true heavyweight,” said Murphy.  “I gave him 30 pounds, but that’s no excuse. He came to fight, he had something to prove and he conquered.”

Trujillo had a mission coming into this fight and he was determined to carry it out in the 5th round by continuing to pound Murphy with a barrage of punches. Murphy showed he was tired when his mouth piece fell out due to keeping his mouth open. That would be a sign of things to come because Trujillo’s attack never retreated and he dropped Murphy once again which lead to referee Tony Carcia stopping the fight and awarding the win to the “Viking.” “It is great to beat a fighter like him,” said Trujillo. “I don’t know where this win will take me, but I hope it leads to bigger things.”

Though Murphy now has to get used to having a loss on his record for the first time in his seven year boxing career, he never once sounded as he would not be able to recover from this small setback he suffered from Trujillo. “Me being a person and me being a champion, I am going to come back stronger,” said Murphy. “I am going to make better decisions and fight guys at my weight.”

trujillo vs murphy

In the co-main event, MMA fighter Ray Banda from Harlingen tapped out Warren Stewart of Austin with the guillotine choke. Both fighters entertained the crowd with their fighting skills and hearts. In the end the record books will show that Banda scored a win over a Texas legend and veteran fighter. “I haven’t been in action for a year, so I knew I wanted to test myself,” said Ray Banda. “I wanted to see how I could do against a guy with 35 fights and who fought in three different weight classes.”

When it came to competitiveness and an evenly matched contest, boxers Roel Moreno and Ramundo Gaona put on a classic boxing clinic that would even make Teddy Atlas proud. When it was over, it would be Moreno’s heart and ring awareness that would clinch him the victory by unanimous decision. “He came out and gave me a good fight,” said Moreno. “I wanted a tough opponent and he gave me a war.”

Fight fans were in for a treat when Pablo Ramirez took to the ring and displayed his boxing skills the only way that a two time amateur National Champion could do. Absolutely perfect! When you hear the term sweet science, Ramirez’s name needs to come along with it because he did everything right when he stopped his opponent Cristobal Polanco in the 3rd round by TKO at the 1:23 mark in the 3rd round. Ramirez’s record improves to three and zero.  I asked him if investing in his amateur career is the reason why he is having success as a professional. “I like how you say invested,” said Pablo Ramirez. “It’s been 13 years of boxing and without my family supporting me I wouldn’t be where I am at right now.”

In the fifth fight of the night women came to the ring for a Lightweight boxing match. Fans really got into this matchup when Josette Rodriguez from Mercedes took on Allison Martinez from Houston. Both fighters won the respect of the crowd with their relentless attempt to defend themselves, but in the end it was Rodriguez who walked away with the win by unanimous decision. “She was pretty tough and she came in very determined,” said Josette Rodriguez. “I’m not going to take anything from her, but I came to fight and win too and I did.”

Gino De La Paz from Bad Boys Boxing Club wasted no time in showing the fans and his opponent Jonathan Ewer the boxing skills that he possesses. From the moment the bell rang De La Paz proved to be the aggressor and dominated Ewer with his attack in every round. Ewer had a brief flurry of punches that might have gotten De La Paz’s attention in the 4th round, but it wasn’t enough to get the judge’s approval. De La Paz won by unanimous decision after four rounds of fighting. “He was a lot tougher than I expected,” said Gino De La Paz. “I know a hurt man is a dangerous man so I was concerned about committing to my punch and having him come back with his heart. “

Miguel Vega of Brownsville showed his heart and MMA skills in his match against Jeff Campbell and because of it the judges awarded him the win by unanimous decision after three round of fighting. Momentarily in the 2nd round Campbell rocked Vega when he connected a knee lift and a right hook to his chin, but it was not enough to stop the Lower Valley fighter. “I felt dazed and stunned, but I wasn’t going to let it stop me,” said Miguel Vega. “I was hungry and I trained hard for this fight.” By the time the fight was over Campbell’s face proved that he was in a fight with swelling to his eyes and a cut on his left brow. “My brother is Luis Vega and we are from Team Pound. Ground and pound was my introduction to the sport,” said Vega.

In more MMA action, Sonny Aguirre made quick work of his opponent Fernando Ramirez when Aguirre forced him to tap in the 1st round with the help of his rear naked choke hold. “I knew I had it, but he was grabbing my glove and when the ref stopped him from doing that I was able to sink it in,” said Sonny Aguirre. Aguirre, who was coming off a loss, was returning to his first fight in 16 months. “I wanted to go in there and have fun. It felt good to get the win,” said Aguirre.

In the opening bout of the evening, fans witnessed 18 year old Guadalupe Urbina from Pharr win over Jesus Vidal in his pro debut in their Super Flyweight boxing match. The fight ended when Vidal failed to come out to start the 3rd round due to suffering an injury to his right shoulder. “I was surprised he didn’t come out to continue the fight,” said Guadalupe Urbina. “I thought he would finish the fight, but I knew I was winning.”

When the evening came to an end the atmosphere in the venue was electric and the fans in attendance were satisfied with the fighting that was displayed by everyone on the card. The matches were competitive and all the fighters came to prove that they were the best. Mark your calendars now because you will not want to miss “Fight Night” on Saturday April 22nd, when Texas Rage Promotion and Fighting Academy bring another great boxing and MMA card to at the Golazo Indoor Soccer Field.